Friday, September 27, 2013

Lawrence-Lund Carriage Barn, 1920s?

Lawrence Road. Wagon shed/carriage barn, with no public access. Stone foundation, post and beam frame, with barn board siding. Shed roof of wood with sheet metal; entrance on eaves side.

Stone foundation is on side away from road, only. Current owner removed the original interior carriage bays.

Phone interview by Helen Chantal Pike on 4/23/2013 with 82-year-old current owner Milton (Milt) Lund: structure "may have been built by Abbott Lawrence of Lawrence Road. No relation to Charlie Lawrence.

Milt calls it a "wagon shed" because the side away from the road used to be open in order to garage wagons and other horse-drawn farm equipment. He says he's put doors on to close up that side. Only the road side has the stone foundation.""

1940 Census shows Abbott Lawrence age 41, farmer, with mother Victoria (age 79) living with him. records further show Abbott's father as Victor, born 1849; Victor's parents were Orville Lawrence (1823-1907) and Olive G. Bingham (1829-1916). Orville is of some note: "Orville Lawrence by Steele's Store 1890s. Orville was a "town character" who had made a fortune on Wall Street in the late 1860s as the partner of Russell Sage, but lost it all in the Panic of 1873. He came back to Waterford to farm. Orville was quick-witted and outspoken, and many entertaining sorties have been told about him. - St. Johnsbury, Vermont By Claire Dunne Johnson"

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