Friday, September 27, 2013

Weaver-Rudd Barn, 1950s

Simpson Brook Road. Ground stable barn, no public access, dairying. Built in early 1950s. Concrete foundation, stud construction, metal exterior siding with shingle appearance, gambrel rood of wood with sheet metal, entrance at gable front, about 60 by 30.

Most recently used as rental storage space. Was built in the early 1950s as the new dairy barn, in the barnyard of the original high-drive barn and stable ell. Jasper Rudd was the owner and partnered with his son Frederick to run a dairy operation of about 60 head, of which 34 were milkers. Frederick owned the 265-acre farm after Jasper, until 1973. The next owners, Aubrey and Simone Weaver, used the barn as storage space and did not dairy farm. Some acreage has been sold as farmland and residential. After the Weavers, the house burned down in April 2009.

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