Friday, September 27, 2013

Pleasant Valley Farm, Built 1950-1951

Dave Morrison: An old map in the Davies Memorial Library says this farm was settled in 1800 by E. Freeman. Later in the 1800s it was known as the Charles Ross place. Raymond Morrison bought the farm in 1921 or 1922. At that time, there was an "Early Bank Barn" close to the road, with the hay floor at road level. Cattle level was below and manure level below that. Around 1950, a section of the cattle floor gave way, and the milkers died, hung in their stantions.  The "new" stable (present now) was built at this time with the "old" barn used for hay storage and calves. The new barn has tie-ups for 20+ milkers, 10 heifers, a bull pen, and stalls for 3 work horses. Ray Morrison farmed there with horses until the mid 1960s (he did have an old John Deere tractor toward the end). The subsequent owners, John and Barbara Hird, had the "old" barn taken down. Portions of the farm are still used for hay and corn by the Bullock family.

Town history, p. 19: Capt. Elijah Freeman was one of the first pioneers of Waterford, having come in 1796. His sons were Aaron, Elijah, Arad, and Farwell. He bought three lots of land and gave one to each of his boys, except Farwell. Town history, p. 74: Charles Ross was a survivor of Andersonville Prison during the Civil War. Town history p. 44: The first school in this district was taught in John Grow's dwelling house on the farm where Raymond Morrison now lives. The first school house was built of logs and near Mr. Grow's house.

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